About Indrani - Personal development and Life Coach

Indrani Banerjee Sarangi is a counselling psychotherapist, practicing in Kolkata, India. For her it all started as a passion… helping distressed people to de-stress. But while pursuing this goal Indrani realized that in order to reach out methodically and to get a more positive result out of her sessions she needed to be qualified and trained professionally.

Indrani has earned her Masters in Psychotherapy and Counselling from the Institute of Psychotherapy and Management Sciences, Mumbai and is currently pursuing her Doctoral Research Programme from International University of Complimentary Medicine, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

She has over 10 years experience of working as a Psycho-Social Counsellor and Therapist, Personal Development Coach and Life Coach and has worked extensively with juveniles, adolescents and adults in areas of general counselling (for stress, anger, anxiety, depression etc.) child counseling, adolescent counselling, inter-personal or couple counselling, infertility, etc. Her forte is non-judgemental counselling in a comfortable environment that helps clients to heal, grow with confidence and live better.

Besides individual counselling Indrani is also an experienced corporate and group counsellor and has worked with organizations like ICICI Bank, ICICI Life Insurance, Rotary Club of Kolkata, Kendriya Vidyalaya, West Bengal Voluntary Health Association and the National Geographic Channel.

She has also attended and spoken at several seminars on Positive Parenting, Adaptation of Adolescents, Tackling Examination Anxiety, Handling Peer Pressure, Ragging in Educational Institutions and Teachers as Friends (orientation program for teachers).

Indrani primarily follows ‘client-centric’ approach, but also works in an 'eclectic' way, which means, she takes elements of several different models and combine them while working with clients. She strongly advocates Positive Psychology and is passionate about enhancing her client’s well-being and helping them to live a more fulfilling life. She believes in the humanistic view that every person has the right to and has the potential of ‘self-actualization’; and can definitely achieve that with the help of counselling.


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