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School Workshops

For students 
    * Stress management
    * Concentration enhancement    
    * Dealing with Peer-Pressure
    * Dealing with Exam-Phobia

For Teachers
    * Understanding your student’s symptoms
    * Help your late-learners
    * Psychological support to overcome class room stress
    * Being a responsible teacher

For Parents
    * Know your child to help them better
    * It’s Great to be Good-Enough parents
    * Early signs of Autism Spectrum Syndrome
    * Help your child to become a self dependent adult

Corporate Workshops
    * work from home - smoother adjustment
    * back to office - adjusting back
    * Stress Management
    * Balancing work and home
    * Optimum performance at work
    * Leadership
    * Being a compatible co-worker
    * Self enhancement

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