Career Blueprint

Children, nowadays, start their education at the age of two, or at eighteen months of age, to be precise. By the time they are 15 or 16, they decide about their career under the guidance of their parents, teachers, peers and other elders. Choosing a career is the most important decision of our life since childhood. A career is what we live with, day-in and day-out, for the most substantial part of our lives. Hence we realize that having a dream career is the key to a life of contentment. But in reality, we often do not find what we were looking for, we feel dissatisfied with what we have and clueless about what we need. Thus we end up being frustrated in the middle of our career. Again, in spite of choosing our favorite subject or enrolling into our dream universities we sometimes feel out of place. What can we do to make things right!?!

We Seek Guidance From A Career Counsellor.

Career counsellor helps us know ourselves better, she helps us explore our potential, enhance our strengths, work on our weaknesses and elevate our self-esteem. Thus she empowers us to decide our best career path for ourselves.

Who can seek career counselling

Students who are clueless about what course to take up
Students who know their choices but are looking for guidance to go ahead
Professionals who are looking for a career change and want guidance in choosing the right path
Housewives who are planning to start a fresh career
One who is looking to do better in his/her present job/career
One who is feeling stuck and wants to start afresh
Parents who want to help their kids by choosing a more suitable board and school for them
Parents who want to guide and support their teenagers in choosing the best career

What to expect from Career Counselling

Know Yourself, know your Strengths and weaknesses
Know your Personality type
Explore what’s Best for you
Identify your Potentials
Enhance your Self-Esteem and Empower yourself
Choose the Right Career path for yourself
Avail Guidance in following your chosen Career

What Other Guidance Your Career Counsellor Will Provide You With
Information on the Study Methods and Curriculum of the various Boards of Examination
Information on various Schools that you can choose from
Admission criteria, Dates and Expenses of the various Schools of your choice
In-depth information about the career you are looking for
Best Universities to apply for to study your chosen subject (both in India & Abroad)
Information on the Entrance Examinations and Admission Procedure for the various courses offered by the Best Universities (both in India and Abroad)
Procedure for availing Student Visa to travel to your destination Countries
Procedure of availing Work Visa for travelling to your destination Countries
Information on Expenses involved for enrolling and completing your course in your chosen Universities

Some Extended Guidance you Can Avail
Explore varied career options before choosing a particular field of study
Guidance in taking a calculative plunge when you are looking for a change in career
Information on ways to earn online
Guidance to start working as a freelancer
Guidance to start working from home and earn effectively
New Startup ideas you can explore
Best places to go to for training as per your need
Know how to juggle multiple careers effectively

And Also · · ·
Your best suited Extra-Curricular Activity
Where to pursue your hobbies from

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