Young Minds

Teenage is the transitional phase of life when a child develops and transcends into an adult. This period is also called adolescence. During this stage a teenager goes through a number of changes.. physical and hormonal… and it causes so much disturbance within a teenager’s mind that adolescence is also known as a period of ‘Storm and Stress’.

An adolescent is no longer a child and is yet to be accepted as an adult, both by themselves and by others !! This acceptance issue along with the onset of puberty, the discomfort of feeling awkward in their own body, growing academic stress, changes in the parent-child relationship, peer pressure and the struggle towards identity formation can create severe emotional stress, anger and anxiety in teenagers.

In the midst of this confusion, adolescents fail to trust anybody around them. They somehow cannot step onto the bridge that connects them to others, they fail to reach out…

A trained counsellor helps adolescents to find themselves and accept themselves just as they are… to be confident and calm enough to bridge the gap with their parents and all others around them.

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