About CherishBeingYou

It is a wonder, how many of you truly love and appreciate yourselves. Probably only a negligible few. You hardly even realise how you live on… by surviving most of your struggles and reaching your tiny or colossal goals every single day. You probably never even reflect on or cherish these day-to-day successes. Instead, you choose to focus on the downside of life, on your failures, and prefer to pathologically binge on self-pity and sympathy from others.

Indrani (Banerjee) Sarangi, our founder, feels from her experience, that lives start transforming into being happy, satiating and rewarding, only when you seek to change your perspective of it and start practising gratitude for all the happiness bestowed on you, the opportunities that you are blessed with, the struggles that make you stronger, for the people who stand by you and for your experiences which make you wise enough to live a better life. Being grateful for what you have, giving back to the world and living with a purpose is the recipe for living a good life filled with happiness and contentment.

So, when Indrani wished to give back to the world, “CherishBeingYou” came to be!! ...A centre for complete emotional wellness. It is the manifestation of her sense of gratitude. Indrani chose to make it her life’s purpose to help each seeker learn to appreciate oneself, to fall in love with oneself, and cherish being oneself, unapologetically. Indrani believes that life needs to be lived moment by moment, day by day... by you, with you and for you, that, only you can make your life worthwhile, with and around others.

At CherishBeingYou, we help you to create your best self and to live your best life. We help you to be proudly YOU !! Our capable and dedicated team of psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, counsellors and life coaches maintain empathy and an objective approach at all times. Every team member is highly qualified and optimally trained to provide bespoke help with all-round and safe intervention techniques to each client and guide them to live a happy and satiating life. The clinic simultaneously provides life quality enhancing treatment and guidance to every client. Also, we have various support groups where our clients can enrol themselves and benefit from, for their post therapy support.

We, at CherishBeingYou thank all our clients for trusting us with their well-being.

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