Moitri Jana

Career Counsellor

Moitri is a Consultant Psychologist and a certified Career Counsellor. After completing her schooling from Army School Barrackpore and Army Public School, Noida, Moitri earned her Bachelor of Arts in pure Psychology from Ferguson College, Pune University and Master’s from St. Xavier’s College, Goa University’s. 

Moitri has further earned her B.Ed from Jammu University and a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychological Counselling. She is certified as a Career Counsellor as well as in Marital Counselling and as a Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapist. She follows the Gestalt theory and practises the humanistic approach in her sessions.

With an Army background, Moitri has worked as a School Counsellor at Army Public School, Pathankot-Punjab, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Airforce Station - Barrackpore, Army Public School at Dighi -Pune, Kendriya Bidyalay - Kolkata. 

Calm, composed and dedicated Moitri’s fluent eloquence helps her in delivering diligently as a psychologist. She is soft spoken, yet assertive, observant, empathic and positive-goal oriented. This also helps her as a fantastic career guide. 

In her free time Moitri enjoys travelling, trekking, reading and music. She believes that human mind is like a sponge, that absorbs experiences while travelling, which ultimately shapes one’s outlook towards life, evident in one’s behaviour.

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