Suchismita Chakraborty

Psychiatric Counsellor (IPS)
Child Counsellor
Dip. In Autism Spectrum Disorder

Consultant Psychologist and Clinical Psychotherapist Suchismita Chakraborty is a fervent believer of psychological rehabilitation through pursuance of simultaneous and co-ordinated sessions of psychotherapy, counselling and Psychiatric consultation. Her goal is to provide relief to as many emotionally distraught people as possible, guiding them to tide over their emotional turbulence, with the help of her psychotherapeutic approaches. A contagiously dedicated clinician, Suchismita always puts her best foot forward and provides her patients with perfectly customised psychotherapy sessions.

Suchi, as she is fondly called, has earned her Master Degree in clinical psychology and has also pursued a special diploma programme in psychiatric counselling from Indian Psychoanalytical Society. She has also earned her RCI registration certificate on DSE – ASD, Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

Suchismita is a trained painter and has also earned her diploma in music as a singer under the tutelage of Pt. Ajay Chakraborty. She has participated in various workshops and has acquired years of experience in Play Therapy, Art Therapy, Speech Therapy, Music Therapy and Behaviour Modification therapy. She is a certified Cognitive Behaviour Therapist and Psychoanalytical Approaches are also her forte.

Suchi has successfully healed clients suffering from psychiatric and psychological disorders like ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Learning Disabilities, Substance Abuse and Addiction, Anxiety Disorder, Types of Phobia, Trauma, Stress, Anger etc to name a few. Suchismita has more than ten years of experience of working with government organisations. She is also an experienced team leader at various Health Camps, Literacy Programmes, Sexual Awareness Programmes etc.

A fantastic team player, Suchismita breathes Hope and Lives to Heal !!

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