Remedial Therapist (For Children with Special Needs)
Resource Teacher (School Going Students)

Piu Halder is an RCI registered Special Educator and Remedial Therapist. She completed her Masters in Pure Psychology from the University of Calcutta and thereafter earned her RCI registration in Special Education for Intellectual Disabilities from the National Institute Of Mental Health (NIMH).

Piu is specialized in IEP (INDIVIDUAL EDUCATION PROGRAMM) and EIS (EARLY INTERVENTION SERVICE). She is trained and efficient in curriculum designing according to a child’s/student’s needs. She has authentic expertise in educating students with disabilities such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, with Communication Disorder, Emotional Disorder, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder), Developmental Disabilities like Autistic Spectrum Disorder including, Autism and Asperger syndrome and Intellectual Disabilities. She chooses the most suitable approach from a wide range of different approaches, in order to overcome a child’s specific difficulties and to teach him/her as per his/her specific needs. Her knowledge in ‘YOGA’, further enhances her efficiency in healing and calming children/students, specially children with ADHD. 

PIU commonly uses different therapeutic techniques like Play Therapy, Speech Therapy, Art Therapy, Music Therapy and/or Behaviour Modification Therapy, Occupational Therapy, to meet the need of the child/student under treatment in order to achieve the desired goal set for him/her. She decides the goal only after thoroughly collecting a child’s case history, considering the reports of specific tests administered, analysing the child’s present condition and his/her needs and potentiality and after a thorough discussion with the respective parents/guardian.

Piu wholeheartedly believes in inclusion of children with special needs into main stream education system. She has absolute positive regard towards children with special needs, which  adds an essence of compassion and warmth to her sessions and helps in establishing a bond of trust with her students. Her goal is to provide education to every single child, irrespective of their disabilities, and to enable them to be self sufficient and live a life of respect and dignity.

PIU, lovingly called Peep and Pooh by her students, has four years of experience in her field of work (with children with special needs) but has already earned accolades at work. She has also participated in various programmes related to abolition of malnutrition in children,  promoting awareness of education for every child. She has also attended seminars to raise awareness of learning disabilities in children, education for the girl child and has spoken for inclusion and right to mainstream education for every child. Her motto is to Empower every child with special need and she strongly advocates their inclusion in mainstream educational programmes.

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