Psychological Counsellor

Consultant psychologist and Counsellor Rishika Das has completed her graduation in Psychology from Bethune College (University of Calcutta) and her post-graduation in Applied Psychology from Amity University, Kolkata. She is a consultant with a keen interest in learning the mechanisms underlying human behaviour and in delivering apt therapy and treatment.

As a student of psychology, Rishika is acutely aware of the various psychological issues currently prevalent in India and abroad. She wishes to pursue her education in the fraternity of Clinical Psychology and work towards addressing and minimizing such issues to make the world happier for people she treats. 

Rishika has previously interned at the Child Development Centre in Apollo Multispeciality Hospital and has earned valuable experience working within a multidisciplinary team setup in providing optimum care to children with neurodevelopmental disorders and also to their families. Furthermore, Rishika has worked with children and adolescents with ASD, ADHD, Global Developmental Delay, eating disorders, stress, anxiety, anger issues, and depression—through providing psychoeducation and psychological interventions.

Ms. Rishika is especially interested in clinical psychology and neuropsychology, and  has complete faith in the restorative power of psychological counselling. Her interest and enthusiasm in pursuing knowledge and delivering in a clinical set up is what sets  apart. As a Counsellor her strengths include active and empathic listening, ease of communication, and above all, complete and absolute confidentiality. She is firmly committed in doing what is best for her client.

Being a trained Bharatnatyam dancer and a adaptive painter, deeply understands the therapeutic impact of creative arts on emotional wellness. 

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