Understanding Psychotherapy

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Psychotherapy ?

Psychotherapy is a talk therapy availed to treat psychological, emotional or behavioural disorder. It helps in modifying behaviour or eliminating symptoms or learning to manage distressing situations and also in personal development related to thoughts and behaviour.

2. Is it only about talking ?
Talking is the major part, but depending on your condition your treatment might include therapeutic activities, psychometric tests and tasks to be practiced at home.

3. What is the duration of each psychotherapy session?
Duration of a session depends on the disorder and the treatment plan.
Generally each session takes 45 minutes. Some sessions, eg. an OCD treatment session might take even a couple of hours.

4. How long does psychotherapy last?
Psychotherapy can last for anywhere between 1 session to several months and years, depending on the disorder or the goal ( want and need ) of the patient.

5. How many sessions does psychotherapy take to work?
This depends on the condition of the patient and the treatment type. However, patients usually notice some positive changes after 3 months to 6 months, in some cases even after 3 sessions.

6. What should be the frequency of sessions? How often should we visit the therapist?
During the initial months, sessions twice or thrice a week is recommended. Over time, as the condition improves, the frequency of sessions are adjusted as per need.

7.  Is medication necessary while availing psychotherapy?
Medication is only advised if the condition demands it. In that case psychiatric medicines are recommended along with specific psychotherapeutic treatment.

8.  Can psychotherapy be harmful?
Psychotherapy is not harmful at all. In some cases it might not work as expected, but it does not harm.

9.  What is meant by ‘tasks’ in psychotherapy?
Therapists guide us with procedures and methods of dealing with or managing moods, behaviour and situations. Patients are supposed to follow the guidance and practice the methods at home. These are mentioned as tasks.

10.  How expensive is psychotherapy?
Every country has its own standard of remuneration. While in U.S.A. it can be $60 - $250 (Rs.4560-Rs.19000) per hour, in India it can be anything between Rs.1000 and Rs.3000 per session, depending on the city and the experience and efficiency of the therapist.


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