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Along the odyssey called LIFE, we come across various kinds of people and situations, these experiences stimulate different emotions and trigger varied reactions and responses in us. Sometimes we express ourselves but most often we hold back as we apprehend unfavorable repercussions. When we hold back for a long period of time it starts snowballing inside our mind. So much that we become easily irritable and issues that can well be ignored gets inflamed due to unreasonable reciprocation from a bottlenecked mind.

Life is a relationship with our everyday circumstances, family, friends, colleagues and the society as a whole. And a relationship is a set of emotional chords. Often unconsciously, we pull the wrong chord... and emotional distress sets in. But, with a conscious mind,

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A therapeutic treatment where-by psychologists, with the help of research-backed techniques, help people to live healthier, happier and more productive lives.

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When life so overwhelms us emotionally, that we feel the need to talk to someone professionally trained to listen to us, empathise with us and guide us through it all.

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The Covid-19


The Covid-19 is contagious and potentially deadly and people's fear of contamination coupled with the uncertainty of the future is leading many to experience severe anxiety, stress and depression.

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